3 things to know about home solar energy in Florida

Are you tired of paying crazy, high utility bills? Would you like to do your part to help the planet and reduce your ecological footprint? With solar panel installation, you can do it! One of the most important aspects of solar energy is its potential to save a lot of money! According to Energy Informative, research shows that homeowners who invest in solar panels can reduce their utility bills by more than $100 per month! In addition to lower bills, government subsidies and tax incentives are also available.

1.Solar energy is environmentally friendly.

In October Jul.In in addition to significant cost savings, solar energy is also an environmentally friendly, clean form of energy. Compared to various conventional energy sources, a solar system does not emit greenhouse gases and is one of the best Tuesdays to reduce your CO₂ footprint.

2.Solar panels are durable.

They may look like they are made of glass and easy to break, but solar panels are actually extremely durable. So if you are worried about how your panels will behave during a hurricane or one of our severe storms, don't worry. Even better, most solar panel warranties come with a 25-year warranty "just in case".

3.Solar systems are usually maintenance-free.

There is no doubt that the installation process of solar panels is labor-intensive, but this is where the complexity ends. Once the panels are installed, you essentially take care of yourself! The only "maintenance" is to schedule an annual inspection, and if you choose Solar Bear, the first five years of annual maintenance checks are free!

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