Details of Florida Solar Incentives

Florida Solar System Property Tax Exemption Add a new photovoltaic (PV) system to your home in Florida, and your property taxes will not increase thanks to the state incentive for property tax relief on renewable energy real estate.6

Installing a solar system could also help you increase the value of your home. Approximate increase in the value of the solar home in Florida: 4%10

State Sales Tax Exemption for Home Solar System If you buy a new rooftop solar system in Florida, you will not pay any state sales tax.7 The exemption applies to 100% of the state sales tax of a new solar system at home and can save you 6% right away.8

Homebuyer incentives for the purchase of solar

Incentives for home sellers to invest in solar panels are integrated into home buyer incentives, as the market value of a property can increase with rising electricity prices.

With a solar system at home, the buyer could potentially get a 200% return on the sales price premium. You will have a hard time finding another investment that matches these financial benefits:

  • Monthly/annual financial gains throughout the life of the solar energy system (25-30 years)
  • Reduced CO₂ footprint
  • Higher resale value of the home

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